Fan Games Based on Anime/Games?

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So are we allowed to use renpy to make fanbase games on anime and games. There are some 'yes to' and 'no to' this sort of thing but i saw Sailormoon games on the site. 
So if I want to make a game base on Final Fantasy or the Bleach, and Naruto anime, saying something that
-it's fan-based because I like the anime
-not liscensed by the 'ppl in charge
-I do not make a profit of selling this game, it's free for fans
-and other I do not own this series
-using midi music for Final Fantasy (since ppl make it and it's suppose to be free)
- Using game screenshot for backgrounds (if can't, I'll make my own).
- Use own fan art of it (I guess we can't use the company's original art...can we?)
So would it be frowned upon if I released something like this? Or I would like some tips. I don't want to get flamed or dig myself a hole because I love these games and anime, and I want to make a free visual novel for the fans, and not to pose as the real thing.

Please help

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