Telo Slows Internet Way Down??

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When using Telo as router to my computer and printer, Internet speed is dead slow. My service is Verizon 50/50. Through Telo, I get 17mbps down and .46 mbps up. That's right less than 1mbps uploads. When I run Telo off a switch connected directly to my Verizon modem/router, the speed is fantastic: 58 mbps down and 64 mbps up.

Please help

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I think it's unacceptable. But running Telo off switch instead of direct wire to Verizon modem / switch, and * not * steering PC through Telo has this further favorable position: It abstains from cutting my PC off the remote gadgets that interface with the Verizon wifi. Can I pay someone to write my coursework? 

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